Francis Ford Coppola Makes Wine and So Do The Padrones

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quote by don vito corleone of the godfather

Our latest project, a prospective TV series called The Padrones, concerns a Sicilian-American family who move back to the U.S. after some time away in their native homeland of Italy, who are seeking success in the California wine business. They’d love to tap into the same amount of success their fellow Sicilian-American Francis Ford Coppola has himself enjoyed.

The Search for Spiritual Intelligence in the Age of the Nonsensical

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It’s official: we are all living through the Age of the Nonsensical. It’s also the Age of Official Fakery, the Age of Deception, and the Age of Artificiality. This Age can also have many other descriptors attributed to it. Fill in the blank yourself with your own description of these times we now suffer through, and which, for us who identify as spiritually intelligent, is a source of constant insult to our sensibilities.

What Is the Future of Writing and Acting in Hollywood and Beyond?

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With the ongoing SAG-AFTRA and Writer’s Guild strike, one thing to be considered is, What future in Hollywood can writers and actors look forward to? The trade papers say deals have been struck – compromise is immanent, and soon all parties in Tinsel Town can walk away from the table satisfied. But, verily, money and contracts are only part of the equation.

The State of Spiritual Cinema and the Human Soul

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How do we reconcile the principals of spiritually-edifying cinematic art with the kind of world we live in? There are pronounced diminishing returns in this area of reckoning: For, as our world falls to pieces all around us, and is evermore in need of the healing arts, the more the healing arts as readily-available and applicable tool eludes us.

Who Was Michel Petrucciani, Giant of Jazz Piano?

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michel petrucciani, jazz pianist was a dwarf who was a giant in the jazz world

Michel was born in the hamlet of Orange, in the Cote d’Azur, France, in 1962. His father, Tony, a jazz guitarist, gave him a toy piano when he was three or four years old, which the young boy smashed up because, “the piano keys looked like teeth that would bite me”. He could not have known it, but he only had thirty-six years to live his life. From the time he met Charles Lloyd in 1981 to his death in 1999, he only had eighteen years or less to pack in all his musical ambitions and aspirations.