Artist and Activist Tessa Lena Fights Robots and Makes Love

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Tessa Lena's activism includes performance art, music, poetry, and outspoken podcasting.

Have you heard of Substack blogger, avant-garde activist and artist Tessa Lena? This radical Russian-American embodies all the ideals of this nation and then some. Ms. Lena runs a website named Tessa Fights Robots. She is particularly adept at exposing the forces of evil globally and their oppressive and anti-human conspiracies in a uniquely insightful and passionate way. Her latest post is all about her background as a child in Russia and struggles as a young woman in a world that, in her experience, was out to get young women, especially those with an activist spirit. Well, it is, isn’t it? Look at what happened to Pussy Riot, or any women activists in territories that bury free speech. Look at the Kurdish and Iranian women activists, or any females in Muslim nations trying to have a voice of their own at all.

Tessa Lena is an activist, humanist, artist and musician.

Activist Tessa Lena writes a blog called Tessa Fights Robots. She is a humanist and an accomplished musician.

Behold How Tessa Makes Love

Tessa is also an artist. In her musical form, she leads a group called Tessa Makes Love. Her musical resume is actually very impressive. To quote her bio from her website:

“Tessa Lena is a strongly opinionated musician living in New York. She is a classically trained pianist and singer, born and raised in Moscow. Her bio reads like a movie script.

As a teenager, Tessa had the honor of performing her own composition (entitled ‘In Defense of the Environment) at the Moscow Conservatory, and wanted to be a geneticist.

As her interests expanded to Tibetan music and language, she headed to Lhasa with a backpack to do enthomusicology research.

After being attacked by a sex trafficker in Tibet and successfully fighting him off, Tessa settled in Chicago.

In Chicago, she started a band working with her hero Ian McDonald of King Crimson and Foreigner, and drummer Alan Lake, who has played and recorded with Madonna, Brian Ferry, Julian Lennon, Ministry, Brian Wilson and Sam Moore from Sam And Dave.

After a few years in Chicago, Tessa moved to New York and started a new band, Tessa Makes Love, along with occasional collaborations [with] Ian McDonald.

In 2013, her music video “Spente Le Stelle” received over a million very useful views on YouTube although the jury is still out on how many people realized that the video was a satire making fun of sexual objectification. Alas, the world keeps spinning, [and is] still imperfect!

In 2016, Tessa started Coalition for Artistic Dignity and organized a conference in Brooklyn dedicated to artistic dignity, social power and corporate responsibility.

In early 2017, she released an album titled ‘Tessa Fights Robots,’ [which you can listen to and buy] here.

Both the album and the blog are about being human in the world of technology, big data, and machine-like people.”

Practicing The Art of Denouncing Worldly Evils

Tessa has proved herself ultimately adept at denouncing global evils of all kinds, including the deep-state corporatist agenda, the Covid lockdown, the ‘war all the time’ agenda, and abuses of power wherever they lie. She practices this denunciation like a fine art, and it is beautiful to behold. The fact that there are people like this who are alive and well restores my own Lazarus-like hope and faith in humanity’s ability to fight back — against robots (metaphor, surely, for any artificial mimic of the human), the A.I. agenda, and all the other methodologies for eradicating the human, and what makes us truly human

It is an art only successfully practiced or perfected by a select few. Ms. Lena is in good company, and in my estimation joins the ranks of those such as the founder(s) of the Human Potential Movement, sci-fi writer Phillip K. Dick, all the leaders of the Aquarian counterculture of the ’60s, along with a short list of writers, artists, and perhaps scientists going back centuries to at least the Renaissance. She is a performance artist who knows her Greek philosophers, read Camille Paglia, listened to her Patti Smith records, and paid attention. Oh, and she has no love for Google, so she’d probably suggest you use an alternative search engine, too (as would I).

Tessa Lena is an artist whose activism extends to writing, blogging, musical performance, and graphic arts.

Tessa Lena is an artistic chameleon with many faces and humanist concerns.

In short, Tessa is a wildly unique artist with the soul of a poet (like Akhmatova or Mayakovsky?). You should read her ‘Facebook Prayer‘ before logging in next time to your FB account:

Lord Facebook!
Please like me!
Please make me useful!
Please give me meaning!

Lord Facebook!
Absolve me!
Please make me feel good!
Please make me famous!

Lord Facebook!
Please guide me!
I need my bearings,
I’m lost without you!

Lord Facebook!
I love you.
Please don’t forsake me,
It’s you and I now.

A Story of Freedom By a Professed Outsider

Tessa has had a rather harrowing yet adventurous journey from her homeland of Russia to New York City and living on the cutting edge of avant-garde activism. In her post, “I Am An Outsider: A Story of Freedom,” Tessa relates early experiences that shaped her activist spirit, and paints a portrait of one who knows herself and what she is intimately and specifically. She speaks of the extreme difference in those who believe in and conform to “systems,” (she refers to them as “Systems People”) and those who don’t. She describes what it means and how it feels to be an outsider in relation to systems and Systems People as a Non-Systems Person. She says, in a hauntingly pithy way, “I have peasant senses that make it very easy to grasp the degree of murder that modern systems bring upon the soul – and it’s a Catch 22”. 

There are many ways these modern systems bring about their silent murder of souls, and I would agree it’s high time to mount a collective defense against it. There are many ways also to be free. 

Tessa Lena is an activist, artist, and musician.

Tessa Lena in Chicago doing performance art.

Let’s Recognize the Rarity of Artists Such As This

We at GFN approve of and must recognize the extreme rarity of artists such as Ms. Lena. She embodies most all of the tenets we ourselves espouse, such as the basic human right of spiritual and intellectual freedom, original, non-derivative artistry, authentic being, and resistance to the trans-humanist A.I. agenda. To quote one of her posts, entitled, “Music, the real thing, I almost have no words…”: “The other day, I was thinking to myself: Does anybody actually care about truth, culture or dignity?”

I think the same thing quite often, Tessa. 

Check out her podcasts, like Make Language Great Again, subscribe to Tessa’s Substack blog to learn more about this radically unique artist and let her inform your life with her fresh, take-no-shit-from-demagogues perspective and world-view. 

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