What’s Gone Wrong With This World is What’s Gone Wrong With Cinema

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AI vs. humanity

What’s Gone Wrong With This World?

Is the world around us imploding at an even more exponential rate than even in recent years? It appears to be so. The A.I.-ification of the world continues at a blistering (and destructive) pace. Most companies don’t offer actual human beings on there contact-us front lines anymore. What has A.I. done for you lately? Just try to conduct business online and avoid the mindless, heartless A.I. bots that govern your every move. Go to the beach instead. And, cinema is no exception to this rule. The myopic Marvel Comics / DC Comics fascination was just a front for the rapid advancement and deployment of artificial intelligence tools, methods, and facilitations. 

Which side will win in the battle of AI vs. humanity?

The Illusion of A.I. As Helper of Mankind

Many of you out there may be saying, “Hang on a minute. I use A.I. tools in my working and daily life and they make life easier.” But keep the imposition of A.I. algorithms and tools in perspective. Sure, you can use a program to plot or format, or make a blueprint for something bigger, but we must at some point realize that A.I. is merely a tool — not a rival sentience to the human mind. We are the controllers and deciders, but…again, where did it all go wrong? Why does it seem every part of this world is in meltdown and freefall?

There is almost no bigger illusion unleashed upon the world today than that A.I. is mankind’s helper. 

A June 2023 Psychology Today article entitled, “Is AI Our Most Dangerous Rival?” is a good referent on this subject.  It ends with some key insights on empathy in relation to the struggle to maintain our humanity in the face of this artificial onslaught:


The key to forecasting the behaviour of AI for the time being seems to be fixed in how it is programmed and by whom. There will no doubt be instances of AI in action where we have no idea of the role it has been given. Like with other human beings, by observing it closely and knowing it better, we are more likely to understand its true intentions and forecast its behaviour.

Human empathy relies on us understanding thoughts and emotions because we know they drive behaviour. Since AI sentience is not a pressing threat, the benefits we can gain from empathy lie in our efforts to understand the minds of those who own or program the most advanced AI. This is where the biggest threat lies.

It is no wonder the threat of AI keeps Google’s CEO up at night. But imagine if this potential were put to good in the world! More than ever, we need to think carefully about the kind of people we put in power and make rich. We need these people to be on the side of humanity, rather than be its most dangerous rivals.

What’s gone wrong with the world is what’s gone wrong with cinema.

Who can argue against this claim? All you have to do is watch most film releases in the last 10-15 years. The soul has been sucked out, along with rollicking humor, and sheer, unabashed jubilation. The music of human emotions and drives. The humanity has (seemingly) been lost — but not totally. Humans created AI, which is its own Achilles heel.

What We Can Do to Fight Back

Our advice? Limit the use of and exposure to A.I. machines, bots, apps, programs, etc. We’re not saying they don’t have their place, and usefulness. So do vicious guard dogs, but you don’t bed down with them.  Immersion in Mother Nature, meditation, old-style arts and crafts projects, dancing, yoga, and engagement in any of the fine arts is, to us, the best antidote to the AI incursion. Oh, and be sure to watch a truly great film next to your loved one, or ones. Or make a great movie. We dare you.


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