Become a Member of the Golden Flower Network and Join the Conversation on Spiritual Cinema!

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Join Golden Flower Network and add your voice to the discussion on what filmmaking means (or should mean) in 2023 and beyond! Become a member and enjoy regular updates on what projects we’re working on, how spiritual cinema matters, and even give us your ideas on what makes a good film and new film ideas. Just message us at to let us know you’re interested in film investment and becoming a member and we will arrange things through our current funding channels.

You will also be able to donate to film projects soon through Patreon and Crowdsourcing or IndieGoGo (using the forthcoming links we are going to add). Starting at the $100 level, you’ll be a GFN panel member whose voice matters. Enjoy our extensive articles, downloads, and other interactive features along with our immense gratitude.

Golden Flower Network Special Contribution Levels breakdown:

  • At the $250/year level, you get all that plus merchandise discounts and a credit as a contributor in a current or to-be-named project.
  • At the $500/year level, you’ll get all of the above and have online screening room access to early vignettes, trailers, and featurettes.
  • At the $1,000/year level, you will have all that and “extra credit” as a Golden Flower Network Gold Level patron.
  • $2,500 and above makes you a collaborator and financier, giving you Diamond Club Access to all GFN features plus a special credit as associate producer.

For all you serious financial patrons ($100,000 and above), you’ll receive Executive Producer credit, and of course special executive privilege to help steer the course of our projects, and reap the ultimate financial rewards of your film investment!

Other Ways to Contribute

Dollars go a long way, but thoughtful feedback including ideas about spiritual, or alternative cinema and filmmaking methods are also welcome. We want to get the discussion going, both in our neck of the woods in America and worldwide. Let’s network, share, discuss, and promote better ideas and modes of creativity in the cinematic arts!

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