Shangrila Sons

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mikewilsonSHANGRILA SONS :  is the real-life based story of the enigmatic Mike Wilson a name  soon to be never forgotten… 

One of the world’s most  incendiary (but up ’til now) relatively unknown iconoclasts

of the 1960’s onwardWilson shaped the times of which he so intensely lived: of wild mysticism, flower-power, and near Hollywood fame- to eye-popping exotic discoveries their often accompanying excessive ecstasies  and to Wilson’s own ultimate ‘mysterious disappearance’ into the tropical jungles of Sri Lanka & a secret sacred temple within…

Witness the incredible & heretofore untold adventures of  a unique generation’s ‘truly psychedelic adventures’ along with Wilson’s own amazing chronicles from his supremely talented yet troubled psyche.

Wilson was the fearless young explorer who brought the world-famed Sir Arthur C. Clarke (who recently passed last year at at the age of 90, & named  ‘Andrew Clarkson’ in the film scenario) to the incredibly beautiful island paradise at the edge of the world, along with members of The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, & other renowned seekers of the era…


…feel the sensual beckonings of  a seductive Spiritual Odyssey of the Far East  &  modern-day “LostHorizon  that is more than a cosmic coming of age story-  to one of timeless love-  astonishing challenges-  and mystical inspiration in a tiny remote kingdom in the heart of the tropics..

...from the never been told perspective of  a wondrous past beauty of a glorious Ceylon-  or as  Sir Arthur C. Clarke once referred to his adopted homeland- ‘ ‘The View From Serendip’…


Suggested Casting:

Orlando Bloom,  Daniel Day Lewis,  or  Viggo Mortensen…  as  “Mike Wilson”

Michael Caine,   Anthony Hopkins,   or  Sir Ian McKellen…   as  “Andrew Clarkson”


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