Ashland: A State of Mind

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 ‘A One-of-a-Kind Dream Series’

Television Pilot


“ASHLANDA STATE OF MIND” picks up where the highly popular CBS mid-90’s series “Northern Exposure” left off.  AshLand’ was written to also utilize the immensely diverse  local talents, the loveably quirky and humane residents & the astounding natural beauty of the exceptional Rogue River Valley (Ashland, Oregon area).


Professor Goforth


‘Dreamstress’ Alison

Dreamstress’ Alison


This weekly dreamy drama series with entrancing qualities- features Prof. Dwayne Goforth, a recently displaced ex-Ivy League mythology teacher from the East Coast- and a stunning but wholesome Oregonian-bred blonde ‘dreamstress’ :


 Alison Fields (Alison of Ashland)  who quietly possesses ‘occasionally’ functioning  psychic abilities-but  makes up for it with ‘a good heart’ Some elements may be akin to the previous hit CBS shows, “Joan of Arcadia”  and “Medium”- but here with a way ‘quirkier comedic edge’

The show also features Alison’s more darkly beautiful and manipulative cousin,

Alexia Falls– representing Alison’s ‘shadow-side’– she is a ‘part-time thespian’ & ‘full-time seductress’  of every new arrival in town &  at times every unavailable one too for that matter.

Amongst the vibrant backdrop of Ashland, Alison & Alexia  initially compete for  the attention of the latest arrival to their unique community- one Professor Dwayne W.Goforth  (whose irascible nature may stir memories of  the popular character Dr. Joel Fleischman (his distant cousin from “Northern Exposure”).




In the aftermath of Ivy League budget-cuts, dot com crashes, big-city pressures & a recent divorce, Professor Dwayne Goforth drives cross-country to  Ashland‘, Oregon in the mythical pursuit of  the perfect small town  &  the supposed simpler life! 


Little does he know what awaits him! :  Alison Fields, the town’s beautifully bohemian ‘dreamstress’ – her bewitchingly theatrical cousin  Alexia Falls-  & a host of unique characters  in a land of wonders


                                                                   Tagline: “Northern Exposure with Magic”


 2009    All Intellectual Properties   J. Bono ,  R. Lee Kendrick

Golden Flower Network, Inc.

Professor Dwayne Goforth  is a somewhat neurotically challenged former big-city dweller from  Boston’s Wellesley Univeristy and a buttoned-down academic Professor of Mythology (loosely based on some of the earlier aspects of the famed mythologist Joseph Campbell who coined the now world-famed phrase “Follow Your Bliss!’

* Dwayne Goforth’s & Alison Field‘s volatile, ongoing together & apart and ‘learning to love relationship’- will at times  parallel the  exciting real-life relationship & eventual marriage  of  Joseph Campbell & Jean Erdman, the former ballerina who became  Campbell’s muse & later, his much more ‘socially inclined’ wife!




PROF. DWAYNE GOFORTH:  Neurotically challenged & wired from Boston’s big-city-post 9/11 franticness, but trying to improve-  the 30’ish ex-Wellesley College mythology professor also recently divorced- is now looking for the supposedly simpler small-town laid-back lifestyle.

ALISON FIELDS:  a wholesome & naturally blonde, happy & healthy Oregon-bred bohomeian‘dreamstress’…  Alison represents a ‘renaissance woman of the arts’-  but also tries out some of her ‘intuitive’ psychic & healing abilities with sometimes comic effects- while also part-time tending an historical town pub.  She becomes Dwayne Goforth’s tour-guide, muse, & eventual love-interest.

ALEXIA FALLS:   is Alison’s equally beautiful, smart and manipulative cousin-rival.  Representing  Alison’s darker ‘theatrical shadow-side’, she is a part-time thespian, costume-designer, & full-time seductress of any new arrival in town.

RUTAY LALO:in her early 60’s, is Ashland’s first ‘semi-official healer’,  who arrived upon the local scene many moons ago.  Dr. Rutay is a lively outrageous mix of Creole, Native-American & ‘New-Age ‘free-thinker-healer’.  Rutay juggles new-fangled concepts such as iridology & ear-coning with oddly brilliant bits of home-spun wisdom.

MAYOR BRENT DULWOOD:  in his mid-50’s, he is presently elected the new Mayor of Ashland by default when the previous hippie-mayor Bruce Baba Freeman, seemingly just disappeared one day.  He also serves as Alexia’s perennial sometimes boyfriend.  From a former lumber-dynasty family- he is now finally forced into  ‘a new era of actual thinking’  & so he struggles to retain a semblance of control over a town of  uniquely challenging constituents.

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