In Memory of a Dear Friend

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In the few short years that I have come know the gifted young writer, Matt Warne on his ‘American’ side of his journey (Matt hailed from Great Britain), I feel that I have known him most of my life… the recognition comes from feeling the goodness emanating from his heart and which goes beyond the realm of appearances…

And so, although the journey was indeed short this time around, and that I will dearly miss his smiling presence, I know that Matt’s goodness will also carry on in various forums and also in a new incarnation- and that for my friends & colleagues at Golden Flower Network (of which Matt was a part of), it will be a privilege to carry on in the memory of Matt’s talents and goodness…


Gate Gate, Paragate. Para Sum Gate, Bodhi Svaha…
Gone Gone, Far Beyond the World of Appearances…to the continuing journeys.  

Thank you Matt, from your friend, Jon Bono & the GFN team
rest in peace…. 11/23/2009 

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