tibetan yin yang mandala_small1GOLDEN FLOWER NETWORK  is a uniquely humane Media & Entertainment production company in Ashland, Oregon whose purpose & projects aim to serve as a “heart-flowering bridge between the timeless wisdom-teachings of the East  & the new science-technologies of the West.”
Golden Flower Network has come forth with the vision of incorporating uplifting Human Consciousness Stories  into the existing channels of Entertainment Media.

Our main principles and  associates are Screenwriter- Author, Jon Bono ~ Director/Cinematographer Mark Vicente ~ Producer/Writer Ram Lee Kendrick ~ Filmmaker/Holistic Health Consultant, Paul Chek, Jr.,  & William P. Bourne – author & economic specialist.

 Having met with commercial success over their respective careers, Golden Flower Network partners have come together in the collective New Earth Era.  GFN maintains a vision of positive social change through emerging opportunites in the arenas of Worldwide Edu-tainment.  One of GFN’s goals is to efficiently make great use of the immense natural resources of the State of Oregon, USA.