The 8 Immortals

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Based on the Ancient Chinese Legends of the most highly attained Immortal Healing Wizard-Teachers that impart their special powers, secret trainings and mystical lessons to only the most worthy and time-tested of hand-selected students throughout the ages.

These are thrilling tales of edu-tainment and wisdom as an ‘Oriental Harry Potter’ of intelligent fare for youngsters and all ages, adapted from original literature which have not yet hit  the commercial markets, which ‘Golden Flower Network has a lock on for publication and serialization.

Stay tuned for these fantastical grand-master-adventures in a fresh new look, including special animation-segments for the younger markets as well.

C 2009  WGAw   Jon Bono,  Ram Lee   GFN

One Comment on ““The 8 Immortals”

  1. Sean

    I experienced immortality at the age of 35, it was like god breathed into me and I was born again….now I don’t know if my immortality stayed..or if it went, I experienced Christian immortality….

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